Hi there, Brenda j Burns here.
      Still finding out where here is. lol, Sixty some odd years young and still looking for here. Anywho...being new at this let me just say that I am a LOVER of MY Creator, HIS creation, my life, my cats, my friends, my husband of 47 years, my, my, my, lol. 

      Being retired after 36 years with AT&T, I am falling in love again with ART in all forms. Photography, acting, singing, dancing, painting, hi-def imprinting, jewelry making, fairs, beaches, birds, THE LAKE, and anyone and everyone who will laugh with me.
     We are adding photos of the many gifts slowly it seems but we hope you will keep returning to see new items and new ideas. 

     My husband is a wood crafter and builder of furniture, frames, cribbage boards, Adirondack furniture and much much more. We enjoy working and being together, (who'd a thunk it?!) and love creating art in many forms. 

      Our customers are very special to us and each one gives us the joy and opportunity to create a gift that is personal and special for them.

100% guaranteed!
HIS servants and yours.    

Martin & Brenda Burns

PO Box 162 

10 Birch Point Trl
Oakdale CT 06370